date = June 18th-19th

location = virtual

prizes* = $8000+

workshops* = 10+

*based on 2020 statistics, check back in a few weeks!

And a special thanks to our sponsors!


What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is a competition where students, either as a team or individually, have to create a project within a set time frame. At the hackathon, there are also workshops for those who aren't familiar with programming, or just want to learn something new.

I don't know how to program, can I still compete?

Yes! We have workshops teaching the basics, along with mentors in our discord to help you along with your project!

Who's elegible?

Any high school or middle school student is eligible to submit a project.

Where is it?

This hackathon is competely online! All announcements and workshops will be done through discord and project submissions will be done through devpost!

I have more questions/want to help!

You can reach us by email at

who we are

Five years ago, we started NHacks as Michigan’s first high school hackathon, with sponsorships from Domino’s Pizza, FarmLogs, MPowered Entrepreneurship, Michigan Hackers, Hacker Fund, and many more. As the first, we’ve decided to set an example for young hackers around the state. We had over 100 attendees and mentors and were featured on TV. 2 years ago, we added Microsoft, Soylent, Nexcess, and about 20 other companies as sponsors, and surpassed 175 registrants. Last year, as we approached unforeseen time periods, we shifted to an online hackathon and reached over 20 countries, surpassing over 300 registrants for a virtual hackathon. This year, NHacks is going to be the biggest and best it has ever been.

event info

We're still in the process of planning this year's event, but here's some info on you can expect based on last year's event!

$8500+ worth of prizes

Introductory workshops on Java, Python, and CAD

Intermediate workshops on iOS, Android, Web Development, UX Design, and Augmented Reality

Panels with past organizers and women in STEM

Keynotes on learning CS as an international student, business ventures, and GirlGenius

Check out the website for last year's event here!